Customer Service , Guarantee & Refund Policy

Customer Service , Guarantee & Refund Policy

Customer Service

Our commitment is to provide the highest standard of customer service. If you encounter any challenges with the services we offer, we provide customer support for your assistance at: alexa service support info

Our Guarantee, Refund Policy & Fees

By placing an order for our Alexa rank optimization service, you acknowledge that you are ordering intangible goods, and no physical shipping of goods is involved.

Unless you have subscribed to additional rank monitoring services, we do not provide work reports. You are responsible for monitoring the improvement in your website’s rank. For details on Alexa rank and how to check your website’s current Alexa rank, please visit

If you wish to discontinue the service, kindly inform us via email before the next scheduled payment. You can cancel your subscription at any time through your PayPal panel. For information on canceling subscriptions, please refer to

Once we have processed your order, all sales are considered final and nonrefundable. However, we will refund your payment if we fail to deliver the purchased Global Rank.

Please note that the above guarantee does not apply to the following:

  1. Purchases made for 30 days, as it typically takes approximately 90 days to achieve a Global Rank.
  2. Canceled or failed subscriptions, unpaid invoices, or services deactivated due to non payment*

In other words, we cannot guarantee the maintenance or achievement of the selected Global Rank if:

  1. You discontinue the service.
  2. You fail to make a timely payment for your invoice.
  3. You cancel your subscription.
  4. Your payment fails before the standard 90-day period.
  5. The service was deactivated due to non-payment.

Additional Notes:

Note 1: Failed subscriptions, canceled subscriptions, or services suspended due to non-payment may result in service interruptions, for which a service reactivation fee will apply ** .

Note 2: We are not liable for any damages, loss of income, or business disruptions related to unpaid and suspended services.

Note 3: We are not responsible for any damages, loss of income, or business disruptions related to ranking drops associated with Alexa algorithm updates.

* In the event that an established account becomes delinquent, we may continue providing the service. Each day of such service is subject to a Late Fee, calculated at 10% of the past-due invoice amount, in addition to the regular payment.

* If your service was deactivated and/or your subscription was canceled due to non-payment, the service will be reactivated at the current rate, plus any applicable fees**.
30 days Purchases are subject to  Reactivation Fee**  if the following order is placed  35 days or less, after last deactivation.
To avoid this Fee, simply wait full 35 days before you place same domain back in service.

** Please note that the Service Reactivation Fee is $10 or 10% of the invoice total, whichever amount is greater..

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