What is Alexa Rank and why do we want it?

What is Alexa Rank and why do we want it?

Why Alexa Rank & Improvement  is so Important?

If you’re running a popular blog with unique content and at some point would like to monetize your blogs traffic, you should know that one of the first things potential advertisers are looking for is your your blogs Alexa rank.

Advertisers check your blog’s/website’s Alexa rank before they decide if your content is worth their while. In fact, the main reason they found your websites was low and improved alexa ranking.

The lower the number the more traffic it indicates.
If your Alexa rank is 500K or bellow , you got their attention.
If your alexa rank is 100K and better, depending on the niche , you maybe receiving multiple offers weekly.

Why my busy blog receiving thousands of unique visitors daily still shows high alexa rank?
You wonder what can be wrong?
Let me explain,in short , alexa rank is calculated base on the traffic data recorded via visitors who came with alexa toolbar installed.

This means that in some niches such as : SEO, internet marketing , advertising,IT, etc the percentage of potential visitors with alexa toolbar installed is way higher in comparison to less techy niches , like music,education,small business etc.
What does it mean for you?
In short, if most of your blog visitors don’t have their alexa toolbar installed, even 5000 uu per day will not be enough to bring alexa rank bellow top 100K.

On the other hand, we know SEO related blogs reach that number with just a few hundred visitors per day.

Yes you guessed it. Alexa rank is not accurate.
Some people say it is useless.

Still , if you own busy blog and trying to monetize it’s traffic you know by now that no matter what others are saying, wanted or not, alexa rank is very important and as long as  there is no other alternative, you have to improve alexa rank period.

It appears that SimilarWeb maybe the alternative to Alexa. Time will tell.